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our I LOVE TO CHEW collection features tougher textures for our bigger chewers... includes pinecones, cork bark, pine & pilsa woods, naturals, paper and our pilsa sticks, varying in size.
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meatball hanger meatball hanger
Price: $25.00
igloo igloo
Price: $45.00
brownie sundae brownie sundae
Price: $53.00
pretzel stick pretzel stick
Price: $30.00
daffodil daffodil
Price: $59.95
henri hippo henri hippo
Price: $35.00
elbows elbows
Price: $35.00
baby daffodil baby daffodil
Price: $35.00
stringbean stringbean
Price: $45.00
crocodile crocodile
Price: $47.00
tortillas tortillas
Price: $36.00
vanilla bean vanilla bean
Price: $48.00
wiggles wiggles
Price: $43.00
wiggles footsie wiggles footsie
Price: $9.00
honeybee honeybee
Price: $15.00
grilled cheese grilled cheese
Price: $41.00
honeybee (jumbo) honeybee (jumbo)
Price: $49.00
kari krunch kari krunch
Price: $49.00
sweet potato sweet potato
Price: $37.00
silly snail silly snail
Price: $39.00
cashew cashew
Price: $54.00
kari krunch kari krunch
Price: $19.95
cork meatloaf cork meatloaf
Price: $29.95