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our SHREDDABLE collection features all soft, easy to chew, shreddable textures... skinny balsa slices. palm leaf, paper, baby corks, natural textures and much more. Size of parts is on the petite size to encourage shredding and playing... but all our mini size toys are enjoyed by our bigger beaks... think of them like an appetizer size of the larger styles.
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ocean ocean
Price: $50.00
buttered croissant buttered croissant
Price: $100.00
churros churros
Price: $45.00
mini creampuff mini creampuff
Price: $45.00
Orange marmalade Orange marmalade
Price: $30.00
relish relish
Price: $89.95
funnelcake funnelcake
Price: $105.00
dill pickle dill pickle
Price: $110.00
berries berries
Price: $50.00
tahiti tahiti
Price: $80.00
bratwurst bratwurst
Price: $69.95
tangerine tangerine
Price: $65.00
pomegranate pomegranate
Price: $65.00
gerkin gerkin
Price: $85.00
fig fig
Price: $95.00
jumbo raspberry jumbo raspberry
Price: $59.95
magnolia magnolia
Price: $70.00
ambrosia ambrosia
Price: $45.00
strawberry strawberry
Price: $49.95
spaghetti spaghetti
Price: $49.95
fruit tart fruit tart
Price: $75.00
celery sticks celery sticks
Price: $65.00
fuzzy lamb fuzzy lamb
Price: $35.00
jumbo strawberry jumbo strawberry
Price: $69.95
creampuff creampuff
Price: $105.00
cannoli cannoli
Price: $38.00
mini dill pickle mini dill pickle
Price: $45.00
mini relish mini relish
Price: $42.00