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our MINI'S collection of toys are not just for little beaks, think of them as appetizer sizes of our bigger toys. We love adding a bunch to a cage for a variety of textures.
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goji goji
Price: $25.00
wishbone wishbone
Price: $27.00
waxbean waxbean
Price: $20.00
tulip tulip
Price: $29.00
raspberry raspberry
Price: $19.00
daffodil daffodil
Price: $17.00
mini banana mini banana
Price: $17.00
grapes grapes
Price: $23.00
mini Lisa mini Lisa
Price: $17.00
dumplings dumplings
Price: $20.00
bora bora bora bora
Price: $29.00
tortola tortola
Price: $28.00
bumble bee bumble bee
Price: $29.00
little lamb little lamb
Price: $30.00
buttercup buttercup
Price: $35.00
toys sampler toys sampler
Price: $100.00
mini creampuff mini creampuff
Price: $35.00
happy happy
Price: $38.00
rainbow cookies rainbow cookies
Price: $20.00
cinnamon buns cinnamon buns
Price: $19.95
mini starter 4pk mini starter 4pk
Price: $85.00
french toast french toast
Price: $35.00
Lisa Lisa
Price: $27.00
lipstick lipstick
Price: $20.00
grapes perchie grapes perchie
Price: $60.00
grapes tie me grapes tie me
Price: $70.00