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Our BIG SHREDDABLES collection features chubby and fat balsa blocks and fat shredders like our palm croissants and much more...
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semolina bread semolina bread
Price: $50.00
dumbo dumbo
Price: $75.00
blooming log blooming log
Price: $69.95
kait’s cannoli kait’s cannoli
Price: $95.00
blooming log blooming log
Price: $80.00
nelson nelson
Price: $45.00
creampuff creampuff
Price: $39.95
turkey burger turkey burger
Price: $115.00
BIG bucket BIG bucket
Price: $39.95
bing cherries bing cherries
Price: $79.95
meatloaf meatloaf
Price: $100.00
mini meatloaf mini meatloaf
Price: $45.00
mini cobbler mini cobbler
Price: $29.95
cobbler cobbler
Price: $85.00
starfish starfish
Price: $70.00
habanero habanero
Price: $70.00
goofy giraffe goofy giraffe
Price: $70.00
coral reef coral reef
Price: $110.00
mini coral reef mini coral reef
Price: $39.95