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our ILOVE TO CHEW collection is truly enjoyed by all size beaks, even by our little budgies who want more of a chewing challenge... features palm leaf artichokes, fat balsa blocks, chubby corks, natural textures and much more.
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blueberry blueberry
Price: $30.00
sold out
alligator alligator
Price: $29.95
igloo igloo
Price: $70.00
bing cherry bing cherry
Price: $100.00
english walnut english walnut
Price: $50.00
sold out
fat blueberry fat blueberry
Price: $35.00
5 available. limited edition
pink bubblegum pink bubblegum
Price: $85.00
honeybee honeybee
Price: $60.00
fried artichoke fried artichoke
Price: $60.00
french toast french toast
Price: $55.00
baby lasagna baby lasagna
Price: $45.00
lasagna lasagna
Price: $65.00
pound cake pound cake
Price: $45.00
6 available. limited edition
nelson nelson
Price: $45.00
mini starfish mini starfish
Price: $40.00
sugar cube sugar cube
Price: $125.00
plumeria plumeria
Price: $69.95
apple strudel apple strudel
Price: $45.00
jumbo nelson jumbo nelson
Price: $110.00
sherbet sherbet
Price: $29.95
jumbo sherbet jumbo sherbet
Price: $59.95