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our little beaks collection features soft textures in a variety of sizes...balsa, cork, paper, palm leaves and more. Bigger beaks should not be excluded though... our greys love this collection too.
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watermelon watermelon
Price: $55.00
goji perchie goji perchie
Price: $64.50
jelly beans jelly beans
Price: $49.50
blooming balsa log blooming balsa log
Price: $100.00
turkey burger turkey burger
Price: $26.50
macadamia nut macadamia nut
Price: $65.00
king crab legs king crab legs
Price: $49.50
cupcake cupcake
Price: $24.50
churros churros
Price: $26.50
tortola perchie tortola perchie
Price: $54.50
ladybug ladybug
Price: $28.50
dill pickle dill pickle
Price: $53.50
gilligan gilligan
Price: $52.50
celery sticks celery sticks
Price: $34.50
three tacos three tacos
Price: $29.50
banana banana
Price: $26.50
quesadilla quesadilla
Price: $51.50
spinach omelette spinach omelette
Price: $55.00
goldfish goldfish
Price: $48.50
peach cobbler peach cobbler
Price: $18.50
magnolia magnolia
Price: $29.50
knuckles sampler knuckles sampler
Price: $80.00
frog legs frog legs
Price: $36.50