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our minis collection features petite designs with soft textures...balsa, cork, paper, palm leaves and more. Bigger beaks should not be excluded though... our greys love this collection too.
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tortola tortola
Price: $19.00
butternut squash butternut squash
Price: $59.95
goji goji
Price: $18.50
wishbone wishbone
Price: $27.00
rainbow cookies rainbow cookies
Price: $15.00
tulip tulip
Price: $18.00
cobbler cobbler
Price: $22.50
scallion scallion
Price: $30.00
mini scallion mini scallion
Price: $18.00
raspberry raspberry
Price: $17.00
brussel sprout brussel sprout
Price: $16.50
goofy giraffe goofy giraffe
Price: $22.50
mini gilligan mini gilligan
Price: $19.00
daffodil daffodil
Price: $13.50
baby banana baby banana
Price: $14.50
tahiti tahiti
Price: $39.95
ricecakes ricecakes
Price: $22.00
grapes grapes
Price: $19.50
strawberry strawberry
Price: $17.00
lisa lisa
Price: $21.50
starfish starfish
Price: $45.00
lil bucket sampler lil bucket sampler
special: $82.00