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Our MINI collection features soft, easy to chew textures that  tiels, lovebirds, conures and greys enjoy shredding.. toys range from small to large... Our greys love these toys.  The mini sizes can be sprinkled all over their cage like appetizer versions of our bigger styles.
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goji goji
Price: $28.00
wishbone wishbone
Price: $27.00
waxbean waxbean
Price: $24.00
raspberry raspberry
Price: $23.00
mini dill pickle mini dill pickle
Price: $18.00
mini banana mini banana
Price: $20.00
magnolia magnolia
Price: $45.00
grapes grapes
Price: $25.00
dumplings dumplings
Price: $20.00
cashew cashew
Price: $79.95
mashed potatoes mashed potatoes
Price: $30.00
Happy Happy
Price: $45.00
Lisa Lisa
Price: $29.00
jumbo grapes jumbo grapes
Price: $60.00
flamingo flamingo
Price: $19.00
gardenia gardenia
Price: $55.00
toy curtain toy curtain
Price: $110.00
mini gardenia mini gardenia
Price: $22.00
chocolate covered banana chocolate covered banana
Price: $35.00
5 available
jumbo waxbean jumbo waxbean
Price: $110.00
jumbo lisa jumbo lisa
Price: $140.00
rainbow cookies rainbow cookies
Price: $60.00
mini tortola mini tortola
Price: $29.00
ambrosia ambrosia
Price: $39.95
8 available
pearl onion pearl onion
Price: $40.00
blueberry bag blueberry bag
Price: $255.00
4 available
grapes swing grapes swing
Price: $70.00
cherry tomatoes cherry tomatoes
Price: $120.00