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Our ILOVE TO CHEW collection features fatter shapes and more challenging chewing textures... like our barky and pine wood, fat balsa blocks and lots of shreddable palm leaf textures. LITTLE beaks love these toys... if they are too big to hang, just place on bottom of cage or play top (or kitchen counter during playtime)
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blueberry blueberry
Price: $25.00
alligator alligator
Price: $35.00
zucchini blossom zucchini blossom
Price: $59.95
cupcake cupcake
Price: $49.95
chip chip chip chip chip chip
Price: $69.95
mozzarella mozzarella
Price: $65.00
Eggplant Parmesan Eggplant Parmesan
Price: $120.00
prickly pear prickly pear
Price: $60.00
toy basket toy basket
Price: $65.00
jalapeno pepper jalapeno pepper
Price: $110.00
mini eggplant mini eggplant
Price: $45.00
lasagna lasagna
Price: $45.00
blooming log blooming log
Price: $80.00
vanilla bean vanilla bean
Price: $70.00
hazelnut hazelnut
Price: $85.00
three scoops three scoops
Price: $160.00
corn dog corn dog
Price: $90.00
blooming blueberry blooming blueberry
Price: $135.00
mini peakaboo mini peakaboo
Price: $39.95
the masseuse the masseuse
Price: $145.00
peakaboo peakaboo
Price: $115.00
fat blueberry fat blueberry
Price: $30.00
Graham crackers Graham crackers
Price: $69.95
kait kait
Price: $60.00
plumeria plumeria
Price: $135.00
honeybee honeybee
Price: $59.95
big blueberry big blueberry
Price: $30.00
soft shell crab soft shell crab
Price: $65.00
mini masseuse mini masseuse
Price: $65.00