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our MINI collection feature small size toys... not just for little beaks, our greys and toos love them too. Think of them as an appetizer version size of the larger shreddables.
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wishbone wishbone
Price: $27.00
waxbean waxbean
Price: $27.00
raspberry raspberry
Price: $25.00
banana banana
Price: $27.00
grapes grapes
Price: $27.00
dumplings dumplings
Price: $23.00
scallop scallop
Price: $30.00
bora bora bora bora
Price: $26.00
Orange marmalade Orange marmalade
Price: $35.00
hedgehog hedgehog
Price: $45.00
rainbow cookies rainbow cookies
Price: $22.00
Lisa Lisa
Price: $30.00
ladybug ladybug
Price: $45.00
Tortola Tortola
Price: $29.95
vanilla Cupcake vanilla Cupcake
Price: $47.00
goji goji
Price: $28.00
mini fig mini fig
Price: $55.00
happy happy
Price: $60.00
fruit tart fruit tart
Price: $33.00
mini dill pickle mini dill pickle
Price: $21.00
peach peach
Price: $22.00
candy apple candy apple
Price: $60.00
mini bratwurst mini bratwurst
Price: $39.95
mini papayas 3pk mini papayas 3pk
Price: $30.00
creamsicle creamsicle
Price: $29.00
waterfall waterfall
Price: $45.00
pomegranate pomegranate
Price: $69.95
hazelnut hazelnut
Price: $35.00