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our ILOVE TO CHEW collection features a more challenging array of shredders even our budgie clients love… lots of crunchie palm leaf artichokes, barky wood, chunky balsa blocks, paper, pine wood, paper and much more.
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vanilla bean vanilla bean
Price: $145.00
eggplant parmesan eggplant parmesan
Price: $185.00
Boston cream donut Boston cream donut
Price: $135.00
mini Kona coffee mini Kona coffee
Price: $39.95
soft shell crab soft shell crab
Price: $49.95
zucchini blossom zucchini blossom
Price: $165.00
mini daffodil mini daffodil
Price: $45.00
bobbles bobbles
Price: $120.00
blueberry blueberry
Price: $45.00
pink bubblegum pink bubblegum
Price: $115.00
honeybee honeybee
Price: $95.00
pound cake pound cake
Price: $60.00
hula girl hula girl
Price: $58.00
brownie brittle brownie brittle
Price: $65.00
plumeria plumeria
Price: $185.00
spanky spanky
Price: $80.00
Kona coffee Kona coffee
Price: $110.00
crumb bun crumb bun
Price: $75.00
meatloaf meatloaf
Price: $130.00
vanilla cookie vanilla cookie
Price: $59.95
lemon merengue lemon merengue
Price: $125.00
watermelon watermelon
Price: $89.95
sugar cubes sugar cubes
Price: $135.00
mini meatloaf mini meatloaf
Price: $48.00
sweet potato sweet potato
Price: $95.00
lily pad lily pad
Price: $59.95
daffodil daffodil
Price: $100.00
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