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our MINI collection features exclusively little dainty shreddable parts… yet come In a variety of sizes, enjoyed by all size beaks, not just the little guys. A timid cockatoo, who is afraid of most toys, will love our little mini’s.
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wishbone wishbone
Price: $27.00
belly dancer belly dancer
Price: $60.00
waxbean waxbean
Price: $29.00
raspberry raspberry
Price: $25.00
banana banana
Price: $28.00
grapes grapes
Price: $29.00
dumplings dumplings
Price: $19.95
scallop scallop
Price: $38.00
custom toys custom toys
Price: $75.00
hedgehog hedgehog
Price: $45.00
goosebumps goosebumps
Price: $29.95
rainbow cookies rainbow cookies
Price: $24.00
Lisa Lisa
Price: $30.00
mini clementine mini clementine
Price: $29.00
bratwurst bratwurst
Price: $47.00
jellybeans jellybeans
Price: $49.95
goji goji
Price: $28.00
mini fig mini fig
Price: $55.00
peach peach
Price: $26.00
mini tuna fish mini tuna fish
Price: $29.95
creamsicle creamsicle
Price: $35.00
waterfall waterfall
Price: $45.00
mini hazelnut mini hazelnut
Price: $37.00
pecan pecan
Price: $48.00
mini cannoli mini cannoli
Price: $23.00
mini orchid mini orchid
Price: $25.00
mini crocus mini crocus
Price: $25.00
dragonfruit dragonfruit
Price: $35.00
mini riceball mini riceball
Price: $22.00
mini lipstick mini lipstick
Price: $28.00
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