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healthy food 4lb (2 mixes)
healthy food 4lb (2 mixes)
Seed . Grains . Veggies & fruits
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this handmade small batch food mix are made by a special mom and pop little business... we only offer this a couple times a year when the weather cools down and advise to stock up. No chemicals or preservatives.. just premium human grade ingredients
Price: $39.95


LARGE Ingredients: almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, pistachio nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, peanuts, stripped sunflower seed, cranberries, sweet potatoes, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seexs, pinenuts, carrots, green peas, apricots, apple, rice crackers, banana, soy beans, hempseed, corn, barley, wheat, red milo, peeled oats, safflower seed, spinach flakes, celery, raisins, cinnamon pieces, yogurt drops, popcorn

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SMALL Ingredients: Banana, papaya, pineapple, raisins, canary seed, yellow millet, white millet, red millet, hulled sunflower, cracked corn, peanuts, peas, cranberries, sweet potatoes, peeled oats, milo, buckwheat, apricots, apple, carrots, safflower, spinach, celery, soynuts, pumpkin seeds, popcorn, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, wheat, barley, almonds, walnuts, cashews, hempseed and cinnamon