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8beaks puzzle
8beaks puzzle
20x30 PUZZLE
made to order

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Price: $85.00


All puzzles are therapy puzzles. Piece by piece, you feel the progressive muscle relaxation as your thoughts quiet to find the next fit. You find a sense of achievement with yet another satisfactory snap of interlocking shapes. You create something beautiful

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Escaping into the calm of sorting and piecing together for 20 minutes relieves anxiety. Investing 25 minutes engaging in puzzle games increases your IQ by 4 points.

It is no stretch of the imagination why the leisure activity of puzzling continues to grow as a popular stress management tool for children and adults in therapy. Benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles include:

Relieve stress
Concentration becomes its own form of meditation. The mind settles into a state of peacefulness even as both the left and right brain are both engaged. Silently and seamlessly the completion of a puzzle develops flexibility, reflection, and patience. It’s the perfect digital detox.
Boost dopamine

Optimism increases through the accomplishment of successful interlocking. A release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for motivation and reward, washes the brain in pleasure. The result is a brightened mood and old-fashioned, biochemical encouragement.

Improve sleep

Nighttime puzzling proves itself as an effective relaxation technique. Manage stress before bed by spending time on a serene landscape puzzle. Any worries or to-dos of tomorrow will fade away and your posture will soften, ready for deep sleep.

Exercise memory

Jigsaw puzzles sharpen cognitive function by presenting creative challenges. Keeping segments of the brain active aid cranium elasticity and efficiency. Current neurology experts assert that forms of mental exercise, like therapeutic puzzles, can slow the progression of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease through the stimulation of neuroplasticity. Often types of puzzles occupational therapy utilizes feature larger puzzle pieces that are easier to grip for those with dexterity issues as well. These puzzles for seniors free them to accomplish a task for themselves that practices motor skills as well as memory.

Deepen connections

Bonds develop over the completion of a puzzle. Offers of help flow into a dialogue, into a real conversation. The quality time and memories made only validate what Springbok has known since the beginning: Love completes the puzzle