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unshreddable sampler
unshreddable sampler
Our UNSHREDDABLE collection of toys and footsies are designed on metal (mostly stainless) and are truly designed with our blue and gold macaw in mind.. plastic parts are macaw durable, as well as bells… and the colorful plastic is unbreakable for her beak. Attach existing toys to these colorful forever toys.. of if your beaks are like ours, watch them drape them on their back or head like a gravity blanket or massager. Our Congo loves these toys

toys are made to order and range in price from $25 for our footsies to 65-200 for the hanging toys.
Price: $200.00


CINDERELLA wigglers $60 . Set of 2 toys that can be attached to cage bars so beads can slide them back and forth. Also a nice footsie

bing cherry $100

jumbo back scratcher $135

cinderella $90

stainless wiggles bobbles $125

jingle bells $100

custom refillable stainless kabob $75-150