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FOR OVER 22 YEARS we have only designed shreddable toys… so all of our ingredients (toyparts) are natural textures and soft & crunchie woods. Nothing hard here, our toys disappear when played🩷

Don’t be intimidated by large toys too… we love our LONG designs… have locks on both ends so you can hang a variety of ways… across the cage, on the outside of the cage, clip to two existing toys and make a chewable perch, endless possibilities!

NO FILLER… just shreddable parts! Once the toys are chewed, you are left with a string, unlike all other birds toys that look big and impressive, but not playable (round hard beads, bulky big blocks… no purpose and impracticle)

WAXBEAN features our soft pink wood and palm grilled cheese shredders

our minis are for all size beaks…think of them as an appetizer version of our larger styles


loose parts make great footsies, just toss them in an extra bow or box for a foraging treat.

MACAROON features natural barky wood, paper and our fat pink wood (soft and shreddable wood)