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Our SOFT collection features just that… easy to shred natural textures including our soft balsa wood, palm pineapples, paper scallops, soft celery wood, skinny goji cork pancakes and other natural shreddables.
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grape jelly grape jelly
Price: $85.00
mini strawberry mini strawberry
Price: $45.00
orange marmalade orange marmalade
Price: $75.00
cannoli cannoli
Price: $49.95
jumbo clementine jumbo clementine
Price: $89.95
bratwurst bratwurst
Price: $95.00
stringbean stringbean
Price: $19.95
fig fig
Price: $135.00
Icecream scoops Icecream scoops
Price: $29.95
peach peach
Price: $25.00
soft shell crab soft shell crab
Price: $45.00
butterball butterball
Price: $65.00
tuna fish tuna fish
Price: $59.95
mini tuna fish mini tuna fish
Price: $25.00
riceball riceball
Price: $23.00
creampuff creampuff
Price: $110.00
riceballs riceballs
Price: $59.95
butterfly butterfly
Price: $60.00
pound cake pound cake
Price: $145.00
chili dog chili dog
Price: $25.00
Maine lobster Maine lobster
Price: $79.95
olives olives
Price: $19.95
hula girl hula girl

Product price is not filled in. This product cannot be purchased.

margarita margarita
Price: $49.95
rice pudding rice pudding
Price: $75.00
hot dog hot dog
Price: $160.00
prickly pear prickly pear
Price: $59.95
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